About us

The factory ZONA MEBEL for production of upholstered furniture exists from Year 2000. The whole object exists on 3500 m2, in which it includes a showroom of 1500 m2.

The main characteristics of our production is that everything is done here in our factory , from idea and design , making of the whole construction to final product – upholstered furniture .

The production in our factory is not a typical serial production. Our designers always offer professional help in ideas of modifying the products of ZONA MEBEL by the needs of our clients. High quality and maximum control is always guaranteed from every 50 employees in ZONA MEBEL .

Quality materials fabrics from Italy and Spain, leather from Italy are always given as an option to our client to be able to create and choose the product that he desires.

Using this knowledge in creating our own product is the way of proving that we are following the world trends and innovations in the manufacturing of upholstered furniture


80% of our production is for export for many countries from Europe and this is bigger proof for achieving success in what we do and create.